57 FZ students earn Seal of Biliteracy
Posted on 05/12/2021
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The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) and Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy are awarded to graduating high school students in districts with a program approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. These students have demonstrated achievement in English (as measured through coursework and standardized test scores), a language other than English (as measured through the STAMP4s or ACCESS tests, available in many world languages), and sociocultural competence (as measured through an essay response to a prompt). All Missouri students studying any of the world’s languages are potential Seal candidates, as are those who are already proficient in a language besides English. Congratulations to the following Fort Zumwalt students, who earned The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) and Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy.


Elizabeth Alvarez, French

Elizabeth Alvarez, Spanish

Daniela Amaya-Gonzalez, Spanish

Daniel Beattie, Spanish

Heather Brush, Spanish

Ysabel Castaneda, Spanish

Megan Claus, French

Ella Elmendorf, German

Natalia Gonzales, Spanish

Cora Griffon, Spanish

Scout Hudson, Spanish

Hunter King, French

Josephine Lamzik, Spanish

Caelan Lissone, French

Jacob Metzger-King, French

Ashley Oviedo Merino, Spanish

Chloe Smallfield, Spanish

Samantha Spreter, Spanish

Gabriela Wade, Spanish



Blake Canada, German

Emily Howell, Spanish

Averi Meade, Spanish

Chloe Mount, French

Logan Tripamer, German

Grace Vogel, Spanish

Katherine Vogel, Spanish

Mary Ward, Spanish

Carter Wiginton, French

Molly Wilmes, Spanish

Andrew Wyman, German

Allie Zottarella, French


Sam Bottini, French

Brock Carey, Spanish

Juvia Duran, Spanish

Megan Klos, Spanish

Aidan Lummus, Spanish

Katelyn Robison, Spanish

Logan Sateia, French

Francesa Voss, French

Rachael Voss, German



Emily Bradford, German

Samantha Dyreks, Spanish

Alexandria Diefenbach, German

Campbell Eckhardt, Spanish

Ivanna Febus, Spanish

Bryam Flores-Henriquez, Spanish

Olivia Kalleberg, German

Ethan Kneemiller, German

Mara Morales, Spanish

Vanessa Palmero, Spanish

Noemi Romero-Vallejo, Spanish

Olivia Schemansky, Spanish

Alicia Shane, Spanish

Abigail Stern, Spanish

Emily Tichich, German

Kathryn Wagner, Spanish

Sarah Willhite, French