FZ Virtual 2021-2022
Virtual Instruction information for next school year
Posted on 05/19/2021
PPI logo   The Fort Zumwalt School District will continue to provide a full-time virtual option for qualified students, grades 1 - 12, throughout the 2021-2022 school year. During the 2020-2021 school year, some students experienced success participating in a virtual program. A large majority of our current virtual learners have indicated that they will be returning “in person” in 2021-2022.  However, some families have indicated interest in the continuation of virtual learning for their student(s).  
   Fort Zumwalt will partner with the Springfield Public School District, and utilize Launch for virtual programming throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Find information regarding Launch programming 

   Please note that Launch has made significant modifications to their instructional model for the 2021-2022 school year. These modifications include live, synchronous instruction opportunities at all levels and increased social emotional supports available to students.
   Participation in FZ Virtual must be in the best educational interest of the student. The following initial criteria must be met:
-- The student must physically reside in, and be enrolled in, the Fort Zumwalt School District.
-- The student must have attended a public school or charter school at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling. Incoming kindergarten students are not eligible for FZ Virtual.
-- The student has access to technology resources (including a computer and internet service) as well as the technical skills necessary to be successful in a virtual course.
-- Elementary students, and some middle school students, are still developing learners and will need a parent/guardian available during the school day to assist with the learning process (assist with submitting assignments, re-reading text, navigating technology, etc.). 
-- The student has demonstrated previous academic success in a virtual program, or as an “in-person” student, has a strong academic record.

   FZ Virtual students will be required to:
-- Have a full course schedule. Hybrid options (a combination of in person and virtual classes) may be available to secondary students as schedules allow. Hybrid schedules will be considered if a student’s schedule prohibits them from taking a course when it is offered at the student’s homeschool or if a student wants to attend a particular class “in person” (i.e. Band, PLTW, AP Coursework).
-- Participate in a full day of learning similar to a typical school day. Students should expect homework requirements to be similar to an “in-person” student. 
-- Attend all “live” synchronous instructional activities as required by Launch.
-- Remain in the virtual placement until the end of the semester.  
-- Participate in all state level testing (MAP and End of Course testing).
-- Maintain good academic standing in the program. 
   Any student wishing to apply for FZ Virtual for the 2021-2022 school year must contact their school prior to June 1, 2021. Should a student who applies not meet the preliminary enrollment requirements, a school counselor or principal will contact the family. Eligible students will be contacted to set up an enrollment meeting after June 1. Please keep in mind that this commitment is for the whole first semester of the 2021-2022 school year.  
   Should a potential virtual student not want to access the district’s virtual program (Launch), all eligible students are able to enroll in virtual courses through the Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP).

See more information on the MOCAP program