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Dr. DuBray yearbook

Aug. 21, 2020

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Aug. 13, 2020
Dear Parents,
This morning a team from the Fort Zumwalt Educators Association sat down with a Board of Education team to discuss the proposed change in start date to Aug. 31, 2020, for the 2020-2021 school year. 
The two teams came to an agreement and, pending final approval at the regular Board of Education meeting on Monday, Aug. 17, the first day of school has been delayed to Aug. 31.  This delay created a few changes to the school year calendar. Most notably, while Winter Break will still be two weeks, students will return from Jan. 4. Spring Break is unchanged. The last day for students will be May 28, an Early Release day for students K - 8 and a half-day of finals for high school. The full calendar will be posted to our website once final Board approval is received. 
We look forward to Aug. 31, when we will welcome all of our students, no matter the platform, back to learning and our community can take the first step forward together.
Dr. Bernie DuBray
Fort Zumwalt School District

Aug. 11, 2020
Dear Parents,
This letter is written as an update on plans for the 2020-2021 school year. First, and foremost, you should know that the district plan originally released July 20 remains in effect. That is, we intend to start with five days a week of face-to-face instruction, Pre-K through grade 12. We will be practicing safe social distancing as much as possible and have modified plans so that all staff and students K-12 will be expected to wear masks. We also offered our parents an option of virtual instruction. The deadline for that decision was July 31.
At that time, 80 percent of parents indicated face-to-face instruction was their preference. Approximately 20 percent, or 3,500 students, registered for FZ Virtual. This is about 1,200 more students than was indicated in earlier surveys, so it is taking more time than expected to rearrange schedules for the start of the year. Therefore, at a special Board of Education meeting Aug. 10, I recommended that the start of the school year be delayed five days to Aug. 31. This will allow the additional time necessary to plan and reschedule our student body to best provide for the new year. The Board approved this recommendation pending an agreement with the Fort Zumwalt Education Association.
We are all excited to see students in our hallways again and hope all parents realize that, until COVID-19 is under control, the school day will look different than what you remember. There are many modifications and safety precautions in place for the benefit of students and staff. Check your school’s website to learn more about specific modifications. Please be aware, I expect there will be COVID-19 cases in our schools despite our serious efforts to keep illness out. We have procedures in place that will deal with both staff and student cases. Even though there might be some short periods of shutdown, I firmly believe that the collaboration of staff, parents and students in upholding the measures we have in place can provide an environment that supports in-person instruction during this pandemic. As always, our strength is our community’s support. I look forward to the day all 18,000 students will be back in our hallways.
Dr. Bernard J. DuBray

July 20, 2020
Dear Parents,
As all parents know, the district has not held face-to-face classes with students since March 6, when Spring Break began. We expected to come back to school on March 16, however, the St. Charles County Department of Public Health and St. Charles County government closed the schools in the county on that date. Therefore, there has been no face-to-face instruction for the entire fourth quarter and no face-to-face summer school this summer. COVID-19 spread began to look much better around the middle of June and the district began working on plans to begin the 2020-2021 school year on Aug. 24 in a face-to-face fashion.
The Fort Zumwalt School District Return to School Plan was created in collaboration with the St. Charles County Department of Public Health using CDC recommendations for best health practices. We also included information from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. We have attempted to glean the best information from many sources to restart district schools in a safe and secure school system. We have conducted two surveys of parents and staff regarding their intentions with the reopening of school. The most recent surveys opened on July 6 and closed on July 10. They indicated 88 percent of our parents wanted to return to school in person and also that 90 percent of staff wanted to return to work.
The plan represents an outline of each important aspect of the school day and includes a snapshot of each grade grouping for parents to review. While the plan indicates three levels of instruction, there is also a virtual option should a parent wish to have their child stay at home and still receive a quality education program. We asked parents to indicate on the most recent survey if they would like to choose a virtual option. Thirteen percent said they would like online instruction rather than return their child to face-to-face classes. A final decision on this semester-long commitment needs to be made through our online registration process by July 31. This will open Wednesday, July 22. The other levels of instruction will be face-to-face, a hybrid or complete virtual. These levels of instruction are explained in the plan. While we are planning for Level A, we are also listening to our health department and will be prepared to change levels of instruction should the health department or a higher state source make a decision to close the schools.
Our No. 1 priority is to keep our students and staff safe while providing the best education. In order to better ensure these goals, our plan includes a requirement for staff and students above third grade to wear masks in the school buildings. Students below third grade will be encouraged, but not mandated. This feature of the plan should make everyone feel a little more comfortable considering that wearing a mask goes a long way toward stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Further, I can assure you, I will be in regular contact with the health department and, should circumstances change, I will inform parents and staff members of this event. At this time, we still have five weeks for the situation to improve. It is my hope that we will have better conditions for the start of the 2020-2021 school year than those we had when we were last in our schools in March. If you have questions, you can contact your building principal or me directly.
Dr. Bernie DuBray
Mobile view: Return to School 2020 Plan 
Desktop view: Return to School 2020 Plan
Plans may be modified as public health guidelines are updated.

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Remember: All students entering Kindergarten, 8th or 12th grade require immunization updates. Immunization Information Check the St. Charles County Department of Public Health website for information on immunization clinics.

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