Below please find some answers to frequently asked questions. The situation changes quickly, and we know there will be new questions that arise. Please check back often. You can also email COVIDinfo@fz.k12.mo.us.

Last update - 7.29.2020

Fort Zumwalt reminds families and staff to follow the guidance of local, state and federal health officials. You can contact the St. Charles County Health Department at 636.949.7319.

Where can I learn more about FZ Virtual?
Learn more go.fzsd.us/FZVirtual. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section of that document to help families.


Remember to complete the first-semester registration process through the Parent Portal by July 31, 2020.

Why isn’t the hybrid an option?

The hybrid schedule is not an option for parents because it is a part of the in-person option. It is a level of the in-person option that would be available should health officials determine that conditions require us to reduce the number of people in our schools at the same time. For example, the schedule would put half of FZ families in schools Monday and Tuesday and the other half in schools Thursday and Friday. Students would learn online the three days each week when they don’t attend in-person classes. The fifth day provides teachers with time to prepare in-person and virtual lessons as well as grade student work. It also provides custodial staff time for deep cleaning between in-person student groups.

What are the criteria for moving from Level A to Level B and then to Level C?

St. Charles County Department of Public Health has not yet determined the metrics for moving from Level A. Through regular consultations with the health department regarding COVID-19 statistics, the district will determine any move from Level A. Staff and parents will be notified as soon as possible via our notification system.

If the entire district moves to virtual learning, is it the same as the virtual learning for students who chose Option 2 for the whole semester? 

For elementary students, yes. The virtual curriculum available to families on Option 2 has been designed by Fort Zumwalt teachers and mirrors what will be happening for in-person students on the Canvas online platform. This same curriculum will be used with all students should the district move to all virtual (Option 1- Level 3). Students choosing option 2 will remain with their virtual teacher for the whole semester even if Option 1 students go back to in-person or a hybrid model.

For secondary students, no. Students choosing Option 2 will utilize the Launch platform, facilitated by a Fort Zumwalt teacher in most cases. Should the district move Option 1 students to virtual learning, students will work with the teachers from their in-person classrooms using the Canvas online platform. 

Learn more about the Canvas platform on Page 9 of the Return to School plan.

What happens when there is a positive case?

For a student: If a student exhibits symptoms they will be referred to the school nurse, who will review the case, assess the student and isolate until a parent or guardian can pick them up. High school students who drive will be released, as appropriate, upon permission from a parent to drive home.

For a staff member: A staff member exhibiting symptoms will leave the building and contact the health department or their healthcare provider for direction. 

In either case: Contact tracing will be performed by the health department to determine if it is necessary to quarantine any individuals. The district will notify parents of a positive case as directed by the health department. If there is a case, personal information will be withheld. It is important to remember, federal law protects the privacy of all in regards to medical information.

Should my student have to stay home, how do they keep up with what is happening  in class?

Each teacher will be responsible for providing updates to any student absent from class through the Canvas platform. This could include video of some classroom instruction.

My child has an IEP.  When will we have more information?

School programs for students with IEPs are designed by the IEP team including the parent. IEP teams will be convened to discuss and determine appropriate services for the individual in light of the parental decision for the student to attend school virtually or in person. School personnel will contact parents to schedule.

What happens when a student won’t wear a mask?

Teachers will exercise normal discipline within their classroom when a student breaks a rule. Repeated violations will be referred to the principal. 

Do families on the free and reduced program still qualify for school meals if they choose the virtual option?

Those who qualify for the free-and-reduced program still qualify if they choose Option 2. The district will be releasing information on the distribution program as soon as possible once we know how many families need this support.

If the district has to go back to all virtual learning, how can families on the free-and-reduced meal program receive meals?

The district will be releasing information on the distribution program as soon as possible once we know how many families need this support.

What about travel?

We strongly recommend that families of all students and staff follow the recommendations of health officials. See the Centers for Disease Controls advice on travel within the United States

What if I need to contact the school? 

You can call your school between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday - Thursday. Our schools will return to their normal hours Monday - Friday on Aug. 10.