Mod Z with their world championship trophy

Modulation Z, the winter drumline comprising musicians from each of the four comprehensive Fort Zumwalt high schools, won its second world championship last weekend in Dayton, Ohio.  Led by East High music teacher and assistant band director Ryan Treasure, the group of 41 students earned the trip to the (Winter Guard International) WGI World Competition after competing and winning their class at the WGI Chicago Regional.

"We have kids of all types from four high schools who come together for a common goal,” Treasure says. “We have percussionists, non-percussionists, star athletes, star students, you name it. They are all determined, hard working and prepared to give that extra something that it takes to compete at this level. They are unified in achieving something greater than the norm.”

Beginning in October, the students practice three times a week for about 12 hours, mastering music and choreography. Costuming and lighting are also important components of the brigade’s performance.

“Modulation Z drew the audience into a thriller, last-man-standing movie with their production, entitled ‘Survivor.’” says “Performers began the show laying on a grassy tarp, looking scared and discouraged. As the show progressed, the battery ran, hit the ground, and interacted with one another using pole props that glowed blue.”

Mod Z outscored the second place finisher by more than two full points in a competition that measures down to the thousandths. The group has taken on the international competition, which includes college and private competitive brigades, for more than five years. This is Mod Z’s second world title. The group also won the WGI World Competition in 2017.

See the performance