Board of Education

Agenda can be found using the Board of Education Meetings tab at left.


  Swaringim, yearbook photo   



 Powers, yearbook photo





Mr. Mike Swaringim


Term: 2019-2022 




 Mrs. Erica Powers

Vice President

Term: 2020-2023












 Callahan, yearbook photo


Craig Moore

   George, yearbook photo  

Thomas Emmons

 Helms, yearbook photo


Mr. John Callahan
Term: 2020-2023


Mr. Craig Moore
Term: 2020-2023


Mr. Tommy George, Jr.

Term: 2021-2024


Mr. Thomas Emmons

Term: 2019-2022

Mr. Gabriel Helms

Term: 2021-2024


                      Board Treasurer: Jeffery Orr, Chief Financial Officer                    Board Secretary: Tammy Breen