Middle School Honor Orchestra 2021

Congratulations to the following middle school musicians, who participated in this year’s Metro 8 Middle School Honor Orchestra program. 

DuBray Middle 

Bass: Anne Siders

Cello: Alexis Hueser

Violin: Elena Bryan, Kaden Nair, Aiden Spavale, Noelle Vance, Payton Whitener

North Middle 

Cello: Jovie Kinsella, Brody Van Wave

Violin: Miriam Linson, Emily Pilliard, Kaydence Russell, Keagan Vogt

Viola: Emma Booth, Katherine Murphy, Rehanna Piant, Grace Pointer

South Middle 

Bass: Edward Horton

Violin: Maura Anderson, Ellie Clark, Renata Deonarine, Andrew Fattic

Viola: Talia Wright 

West Middle 

Bass: Kadyn Moore

Cello: Evelyn Brockhurst, Lindsay Dickinson, Garrett Ray

Violin: Nora Bailey, Eduardo Leal-Choro, Katherine McGrath, Andrew Nelson, Hector Patino, Julia Spriggs

Viola: Sara Britton, Olivia Moore, Alex Twitt, Evie Wilcher