#FZiAm: Strength In Diversity


              Grow and develop social and global awareness, moral responsibility, 
                   and an appreciation of differences among students and staff.

At the foundation of #FZiAm, we hold these fundamentals as our keys to success:
Awareness: Provide a better understanding of the diverse cultures throughout the school district.
Connection: Bring students and teachers together through the understanding and acceptance of diversity.
Engagement: Through stronger relationships and skills to develop them, we can address a portion of the achievement gap in Fort Zumwalt School District.

"What does it look like?"
That was the question Juan Wilson, Coordinator for Diversity and Awareness was asked over and over again about the district’s new program this year. The question came to him from members of the Diversity Committee, from staff, from students, even from himself. But as he presented a program update to the Board of Education in May, he shared the work he, Fort Zumwalt students and employees and members of the committee have been doing this year.
   “The committee did a needs assessment,” he said. “We started to see that relationships are what it's all about. Whether we're talking about the relationships between teachers and students, or between the community and our schools.”
   He told the Board about the many faculty and student interactions he's had this year. "Everyone has been excited and open to enter into the conversations and experiences we have taken part in."
   So the journey began.
   “Having conversations. That’s what the diversity program looks like,” Wilson told the Board. “If they’re uncomfortable. If they’re difficult. We’re going to have them.” Then the Board, and the 50 or so in attendance, watched this video to the end. 
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